SuperVision Media


Out of Home

Supervision Media deliver world class entertainment in a variety of different formats – live in 2D and 3D and pre recorded in 2D and 3D – to multiple venues including cinemas, large arenas, hotels and cruise ships globally.

For Sponsors and Advertisers

SuperVision provides value-rich, tactical opportunities to activate and leverage sponsorship deals across the world of sport, music, fashion and entertainment.

Leveraging your Brand

Our content is designed to give sponsors and license holders unrivalled opportunities in relation to product launches, sponsorship activation and branding; both in cinemas and the live events built around the screening of each event.

Special Events

Supervision specialise in delivering tailored events for brands that wish to be associated with theatrical content. We are experienced in organising bespoke events in major cities around the globe offering the opportunity to simultaneously launch products while building enormous publicity and awareness.

Industry Leading Technology

The technology involved in delivering live 3D and HD to cinemas internationally allows companies to target particular territories that correlate directly to the market of their chosen product.